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Top quality supplies for air freight, haulage and shipmment.

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Here you will find a wide array of supplies and exclusive items especially designed for best performance in all areas of the freight industry. We work with top quality raw materials and pieces and make supplies suitable for the most exigent jobs and the highest requirements. When you use our products, you can rest asure that you will be transporting cargo safely and at a high performance. 

Nothing compares with working with the best materials and supplies. Working conditions are different, the job is completed faster and safety is never a problem. At Marsh Freight, you will find all you need to be a top quality freight service that always delivers. Everyting starts here, so stay around and take a look at our extiensive catalogue. We have a wide variety of products for all freight purposes. It doesn't matter if you work with inland transportation, air haulage or shipment. We have all you need so download our catalogue and see for yourself!


Our top products


Ratchet straps

Security nets

Ratchet straps are among the essentials of haulage. We have all basic sorts of ratchet straps as well as a couple custom models for special purposes. We work with high quality materials, so our straps are strong and reliable. All sizes covered. Secure your cargo with our ratchet straps and prevent accidents that will cost you time, money and credibility!

We manufacture strong security nets for holding cargo. From small nets for pickup trucks to large ones suitable for ship transportation and air freight. All our nets have industrial seams with nylon thread and reinformecemnts in key points. We have some of the safest and strongest nets in the United Kingdom, all with top quality hooks and ratchets.

Hooks and lines

Custom packaging

We provide the best hooks and hanging lines in South UK. Nylon and PEP ropes, steel lines and special straps for suspending and storing cargo. We also offer supplies for cranes and lifting vehicles. Our hooks are 100% metallic and high quality, so they don't get stuck or open accidentally during a lifting operation. 

If you want to offer your clients additional packing services here you can find all sorts of boxes, bags and baskets. All especially designed for freight, so they're strong enough and the right shape and size. We can also print your company logo on them to help you build your corporate image and as an extra advertisement tool. Consult us for special custom packaging supplies.


Contact us now to get our full catalogue for free! You will have it in your mailbox in the next working hour. Find out about our special promotions and bundle packages with up to 30% discount. Starter packs and manteinance services also available for new clients!

Call us today if you have any enquiry. We will be more than happy to help you, answer all your questions and offer you the best products you can find in South UK! Up now your service quality with Marsh Freight's top supplies and materials! 


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Complete client satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

Samuel Roberts
Titan Haulage

"The products of Marsh Freight are our preferential choice. They have an excellent stock of good quality supplies and we count on them all the time. They never dissappoint. We feel confident to work with them."

Terry Charles
Essex Bridge

"Our experience with Marsh Freight has been absolutely possitive. We have never had any issues when dealing with them or using their products. They take their work very seriously. That's exactly what we need."

Patrick Fisher
Saint Lucy

"It is fantastic to have a supplier you can always count on. Marsh Freight is that one supplier you're always looking for, but you always have to conform with something less than that. Except, they're actually all you're looking for."
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Get the best components in the South East!
Get the best components in the South East!
Get the best components in the South East!