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Suppliers and Manufactures of Industrial Tools

Traits of the Best Manufacturers and Suppliers of Industrial Tools

The UK has always remained a hub for industries of all kinds. The country has a very robust industrial sector that has been growing at a steady pace for a number of years. Industries of all types are functioning in the UK and are known for the high-quality of products that they produce. In addition to the industries, there are several manufacturers and suppliers of industrial tools plying their trade in the country as well. They are responsible for manufacturing and supplying the various tools that are utilized in the carrying out of the many industrial processes for manufacturing of products.

There are quite a few manufacturers and suppliers of industrial tools in the UK. Each one has its own facility where it produces the industrial tooling that is to be used by the various industries of the country. However, the level of quality of the industrial tools manufactured and supplied by each is different. The best manufacturers and suppliers of industrial tools make sure that their products are made using high-quality materials and are rigorously tested for their safety. Moreover, they also invest heavily in standardization as well to ensure compliance with the industry standards. It is, therefore, necessary to choose only the best manufacturers and suppliers when purchasing industrial tools.  

Top 5 Suppliers and Manufacturers of Industrial Tools

The UK has been blessed with some of the best industrial tooling manufacturers and suppliers that have been in this business for a very long time. They all have expert technicians working for them and can be trusted to provide high-quality industrial tools at affordable prices. The following are the top 5 suppliers and manufacturers of industrial tools you should be getting your industrial tooling from. Not only are these suppliers known for their quality products, they are also known for their reliability.


JSP is a manufacturer of high-quality safety equipment for the industrial sector. Based in Oxford, JSP is known for producing the best safety gear for protecting the head, ears, eyes and face. In addition to this, the equipment manufactured by JSP for respiratory protection, working at height and body PPE is also known for its safety and reliability. You can be rest assured that the safety equipment of the company would not fail even when it is subjected to a great deal of use and will remain usable for a long period of time.   

• GT Factors

GT Factors is the market leader in the field of load resistant equipment manufacturing. The company is known for producing industrial products and tools for the transportation industry. The buckles, ratchet straps and cam buckle straps manufactured by GT Factors are of the highest possible quality and offer a great deal of safety to the companies involved with the cargo sector. GT Factors has a great deal of experience when it comes to the manufacturing of corner protectors, end fittings and lifting slings too. Their technicians are experts who have been doing this work for decades.  

• SIA abrasives

SIA abrasives are a global company that are known for their abrasive shaping tools. They have their offices present in the UK as well. Headquartered in Halifax in the UK, SIA abrasives has been supplying abrasive shaping tools to the industries of the UK since 1968. The best feature of the company is its fast delivery service. You can expect them to supply the products you have asked for on the same date, provided you place the order within a specific time period. Custom made products of SIA abrasives need at least 5 days to be manufactured and are then delivered to your given address.  

• IRWIN Tools

If high-quality industrial hand tools are what you need then IRWIN Tools is your best available option. The company has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing hand tools ever since it was established in the year 1884. Having a wide range of hand tools to offer, IRWIN Tools is the right choice for plumbers, woodworkers and carpenters. The hand tools manufactured by IRWIN Tools are known for their reliability and durability. They can last for decades and without losing any of their performance.   

• BulkBag

BulkBag is a manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial container, bags and sewing products. The company has a large factory in Dundee where it manufactures all of its products. The containers of BulkBag are known for their strength and reliability. They are made using propylene fabric which is quite strong and is just as reliable as woven jute. BulkBag also has a reputation for being a fast supplier of industrial containers as well.


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Get the best components in the South East!
Get the best components in the South East!
Get the best components in the South East!